Marriage and WWII

Ray and Dorothy were married at Broad St. Presbyterian Church and enjoyed a reception at her parent’s Mark and Nellie’s home at 707  So. Broad Street.1945 Mar Apr Ray Dorothy Beach Pascagoula steps

At that time Ray was stationed in Florida building the first radar stations. Just after the wedding he was transferred to Portland Oregon after a short stay for additional training in San Francisco. Dorothy and Ray drove there from Mobile. That must have been quite an adventure as he often mention it. The destination was San Francisco via the Grand Canyon and the petrified forest. Those sights often mentioned by Ray.

They lived on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Army Air Corp base. He completed his classes and they moved to Oregon where he shipped out. The San Francisco and Portland stay last seven months.

Dorothy went back to Mobile to await his return. She was surely very pleased he did not have a second pair of glasses when he was called to ship out to Africa to fight the Nazis. Once his second pair arrived he was sent to Iceland.

On May 7, 1945, all German forces unconditionally surrendered to Allies. That was surely a great day in Dorothy’s life knowing Ray would soon be discharged. But, Holcomb’s ship had gone down and he was not returning home to her older sister, his wife, Marie and their very young son, Mark, who was nicknamed Pepper.

Marie and Holcomb had a house several blocks from Nellie and Mark’s on Broad St.  After the very sad news came about Holcomb Marie and Pepper moved in with Nellie and Mark. When Ray returned from the war he and Dorothy moved into Marie’s  house at 1005 Montgomery St. and began planning a family.

Those days had to be filled with great joy that the war with Germany, and soon Japan, was over and for the soldiers that returned. She and her friends no doubt saw, and in some cases felt, the immense sadness of those who returned injured and especially for those that did not return.