The Kids and Education

Education was a serious matter in the Davis home. And getting an education did not consist only of going to school. Dorothy was always showing the kids how to do things including sewing and cooking.

When they lived in the city of Mobile the girls took ballet and the family went to ballet recitals.

When living at the farm the girls took piano lessons and Dorothy drove them to Grand Bay once a week for years. Tom played trombone in the band and she took him to practices for football games. She and Ray always attend recitals and concerts.

Tommy played Little League and Dixie League Baseball and she took him to practice several times a week.

She always applauded good grades and made sure homework was done. Being a great, fast typist, she typed many term papers on her black, manual typewriter late into the night the paper was due as, at least Tommy, never seemed to write it until the last minute.

She was well known by the principal and the kid’s teachers as she was there to help with field trips, baking things and willing to pitch in. ¬†Around 1965 she was elected president of the PTA for two years. That followed Ray’s service in the same capacity.