Her Father

Mark Schieffelin walking on sidewalk with hat

ca. 1940s

Dorothy’s father Mark Copley Schieffelin was 6′-3″ tall with blue eyes and light brown hair.

He worked as an electrician and was a member of the Electricians Union.  Ray Davis remembers he had calluses on the tips of his fingers from testing for “hot” wires by licking his finger tips and touching the wires.

Mark grew up in a large family with some degree of wealth. Ironically, his father took good care of Mark’s sisters but he and his brothers had to move out and get a job rather than continue their education as did the daughters.

As a very strict southern man he was hard on his wife and very strict with the kids. He was very cautious of his teenage daughter’s activities.  He never cursed and never walked around the house in his undershirt.  He loved to fish and duck hunt in Mobile Bay.  He had a boat that he named Nell.

Ray said during the last year of his life Mark suffered several strokes.

Mark Copley and son George Schieffelin

Mark Nellie on steps

Mark & Nellie on the steps at Broad St. home